My ‘Pregnant’ Craving: The Search for a Mysterious Dessert

There was a boy. A very strange, enchanted boy.
They say he wandered very far, very far over land and sea.

For nearly 2 week (Monday before last, to be exact), I had been craving for a sweet pastry. I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it was a baked good that I’ve had once before, and I wanted it now.

It’s weird for me, though, to really be nearly IN NEED of a food. I’m not the sort to know exactly what I want to eat, and eat more in necessity and boredom than actually craving something. I do have restaurants I prefer and foods I prefer, but I never have wanted to go to a restaurant for the particular food before — until now.


I wanted this dessert. I NEEDED this dessert. I wanted to go to every restaurant and hunt it down until I found it. But first, I wanted to ask my siblings if they had any idea what it was, because I sure as hell didn’t.

How I described it to my siblings was that it’s a cake that’s drenched in a liquid, but I don’t know what liquid. I’ve seen Rum Cakes and similar online, but they weren’t it. It was a thick texture, with a yellowish tint inside and a crusty brown outside. When you cut it with a fork, it doesn’t crumble or breaks away easily but it folds like memory foam before slicing, then plump back up to its original shape. I compared the interior looking like cheese with holes in it and the texture like a mattress.


My brother had no idea what I was talking about, but my sisters (as sisters do) put in their suggestions on what it might be. Some of the guesses were rum cake, angel cake, flan, Tres Leches, and tiramisu. I looked them all up and they all weren’t right — mostly because they looked too crumbly and not thick enough.

I kept searching on Google for it, using terms like “cake drenched in liquid” and “thick cake soaked.” Looking back, it might have looked bad in a search engine, but luckily (or unluckily?), no XXX sites or photos came up. I just looked on images and tried to find similar things.


After a week of pining for this dessert, I thought I finally found it in this Spanish dessert that I can’t find now. In looking at more photos of it, I saw that it still wasn’t exactly what I’ve been wanting, only because I saw what I really wanted. I found it.

It was Bread Pudding.


Now that i finally knew what I want, I Googled it to see what restaurants had it. My sister had mentioned 1 of the 3 restaurants that came up, but looking at the menu made it look like I get a 2″x2″ square of it with vanilla sauce on top for $3.99. I swear I’m not a cheap skate, but I thought that was a little steep!

After looking up the recipe from, I saw that it wasn’t that difficult to make. There’s day-old bread, some eggs, 2 cups milk and excess sugar and there it is! I read the comments and altered a couple of things, using half&half instead of regular milk and adding walnuts instead of raisins. I pinwheeled some apple slices on top as well and it turned out decent for my first attempt.


I’ve been having it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream because I haven’t felt the urge to create a vanilla sauce for it. I don’t regret making it, but I do want to go somewhere to have it made in a restaurant to see how it differs. Mine came out decent enough, but it wasn’t as ‘memory foam-like’ as I remembered.

My memory might be playing up on me, though. Either way, my search is over and I finally quenched my craving by making my own version of it. I didn’t have to search over land and sea for it, but I’ve had better somewhere. And I might have to find it over land and sea.



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