Remembering Phone Numbers: A “Wrecked” Truth

Back Story


A guilty pleasure of mine is watching everyone’s Snapchat stories. I try to at least skim through every single slide, but sometime it’s a little much (I’m looking at you, Spencer Pratt). But one person I always watch ‘cover to cover’ is Colton Haynes.

It’s not that he just “came out” or anything, because I loved him before all that noise, but he has a constant stream of Snapchat stories. I was actually surprised that he didn’t say anything on Snapchat about him coming out when he published a Facebook post about the article, which led to me getting the news a bit later. Anyways, between snaps of his house, fashion shows, and adventures with his mom and aunt, he ‘stalks’ his friends.


One friend, a cute little Asian woman, is named Ally Maki. I don’t exactly know the relationship between her and Colton, but they’re definitely good friends (maybe roommate?). Anyways, Colton goes on to promote Ally’s new show called Wrecked, as well as snapping the party they had for the show. I wasn’t so crazy for Colton that I would want to pick up another show for my DVR, but it was in the back of my mind.

However, this last Sunday, I was flipping channels and happened upon Wrecked, I decided to give it a try and I actually liked it enough to add it to my DVR recording list. I didn’t really know what to expect because I didn’t do any research on the show, but I’m glad I stumbled upon it. And honestly, i wouldn’t’ve stumbled upon it if it wasn’t for Colton Haynes’ snapchat.


But honestly, Ally had a familiar watch to me. Looking through her filmography, she could seem familiar for a number of past shows: That’s So Raven, Big Bang Theory, Step Up 3D, 2 Broke Girls or Geography Club. I absolutely loved the film Geography Club, but at the time being, I can’t remember Ally’s character. But with all things considered, Ally must be a LGBT ally.



Wrecked‘s IMDb summary is phrased as so:

After a plane crashes on a remote island, two best friends, and a diverse group of survivors cope with dangerous threats (many of which they cause). The two best friends, Danny and Owen, have a chance to redeem their mediocre lives by becoming leaders of this new society..

Now I think that’s a bit, “eh.” I’ve never seen the show Lost, but I would believe the premise is very similar to this, with lots of humor added to the mix. The real way to describe the show after only watching 2 episodes would be to describe the main characters (for the time being).

  • Owen – Slacker flight attendant that wants to prove himself as a leader. Very Ryan Reynolds vibe to him.
  • Danny – Lazy passenger that turns into Owen’s righthand man in becoming the leader. He struggles with responsibility.
  • Pack – High-strung business man who is dependent on technology to be useful. He completes the trio with Owen and Danny.
  • Emma and Florence – Besties that were traveling for a Girls’ Trip. Emma’s a practical doctor and Florence is a spiritual hippie.
  • Todd and Jess – A couple that loves to hate each other. Todd has a Will Arnett vibe to him, which makes Jess hate him more.
  • Steve – Injured from the plane crash, he plays the crippled. He’s usually involved in a humorous way, comparative to Mr. Furley from Three’s Company.
  • Karen – Strong lesbian-like woman who worked for Bing. She’s bluntly honest and strangely capable to live in the wild.

Like I said, I do like this show, but I wouldn’t call it amazing. There’s some parts that I would rather not see again, such as Danny’s nightmare scene in the plane. I didn’t really find it funny and wished only to fast forward that storyline. My rating thus far would be a hard 7, which is in agreement with the 6.8/10 on IMDb. It has it’s funny parts and has the potential, but lets hope the comedy stream has yet to run dry.

Real-Life Application


One concept that I found interesting from Episode 2 comes from the scene where Pack found a working cell phone. Wanting to take advantage of the situation, Pack asks Owen, Florence and Emma for any phone numbers that they could call for help. Pack tried to call his assistant, Emma suggested her new place of residency and Florence suggested her drug dealer. All these turned out to be a waste before they could use Owen’s suggestion of Papa John’s.

The reason why they chose these awkward numbers was because these were the only numbers they remembered. It’s a sad reality that we have been lazy on retaining the numbers of our loved ones. It’s easy today to communicate with anyone, whether it is through Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, FaceTime, Skype or several other smart phone app. A phone number is useful as a gateway into other forms of communication, but nobody really ever remembers the number after the plug-in.


Frankly, thinking about this truth makes me feel old. It makes me miss actually knowing how to text with the numbers on a keypad, or pressing my best friend’s phone number so much that it becomes instinct, or sharing my phone line with my internet. I use to look through my school’s phone directory, look at all my friends’ phone numbers and write them all down in my assignment notebook.

Not only that, but I use to be a total creep and write down all of their addresses next to their home phone numbers as well. Even though knowing where your friend lives is actually more prevalent today than knowing their phone numbers offhand, I almost feel that it is becoming irrelevant to some extent. Maybe I feel this way because I don’t remember addresses that easily, and I still send Christmas cards whenever I possibly could (I missed last Christmas for the first time in 5 years because I was in Europe!).


Being in America, I’m glad that our phone numbers are a bit easier to manage. In the UK, you could have up to 15 numbers to remember, and I believe that some people actually manage to remember them. I’m good at working with numbers, but I’m absolutely terrible at remembering numbers and so even our simple 7 numbered system (10 with area code), I can’t remember. I use to forget my ex’s number when I was in high school that I just remembered the placement of the numbers and made a shape out of it.


The only number I’d always be confident in saying is my family house’s number, because it’s been the same for over 15 years. Any other numbers, including my own cell phone number at times, I fumble with a bit. Between my 7-person family, my friends and work places, I can’t keep them all in order and with a phone like the iPhone, it’s not like I can remember how the number pad handles such numbers.

I’m pretty sure that I won’t ever get wrecked on a deserted island with a satellite phone anytime soon, but if in the situation, I’m going to need to learn the cellphone numbers of some dependable people who always picks up their phone. So I need to find some dependable people. I can’t depend on my 4G/LTE to use Facebook, Twitter or Skype to try and save myself in that situation.

But maybe I can send Colton Haynes a Snapchat to save me. 😉



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